Blogday Saturday? Well I suppose that's partially my fault. I've been busy you know!

I'm [TSON], a simple old guy from Michigan, and what I do is the boring job! I'm a regular old beta-tester-tourney-tard. What I do is dive into the game and play for countless hours and think of ways to improve what we have, and point out any flaws. Yes, I know this sounds super boring and tedious, but it really isn't. There have been literally at least a hundred glitches, some hilarious, some stupid, and some just look like a pain to fix. The good news for me is, I don't do the fixes, that's Alan's job!

A good example of a horrible glitch that goes overlooked was one a few beta-demos back, whenever a final form was hit by a car on a certain stage, they would turn into a big question mark that slid around. Yes, this was hilarious, let me tell you. I didn't take a pic of this but still you can just imagine.

Another one that stood out, one of the other testers had an idea to make Donkey Kong's down special break shields. Hey, good idea! Well it didn't turn out well. It made shields break, that part worked. However the animation glitched and the game played an unbearable noise about 30 times a second, really loud. Of course we naturally blamed Sakurai for our troubles and yelled his name in dismay.

But the most hilarious one I remember was a natural shield break glitch. It was both hilarious and hard for Alan to fix (which makes it even more fun for me, because I get to hear him rant). Breaking your shield twice would make you either fall through the floor or hover with invincibility. Seeing the CPU freak out and run away from you whenever you hovered towards them was hilarious to me. This was fixed eventually but it has a special place in my heart.

I've also helped with physics and cool little extras that people don't seem to notice. This game used to be floaty and slow but working with Alan, we secretly made everyone heavier and fall faster so that the game wouldn't be too bad. I've also suggested a bunch of things for a certain unannounced character. Those will have to be mentioned later though for fear of giving said character away.

What do I do outside of working on Nuke? Well, I do go around in the Smash community a bit, being a regular at Smashboards. I hack Brawl a bit, making moveset hacks (Pichu, helped with Fighter Geno) and playing Brawl+. I'm also a Super Smash Flash 2 developer. Yep, that's right. I help out on both sides. There's no rivalry there, we're all friends!

Well, I suppose I've written enough. This concludes this special edition of Blogday Saturday with [TSON]. Good night everybody..