We created a floating memorial in the sky, called Battlefield. It's a stage where many battles within the Nuke Bros. Melee world will take place, but it's mostly known for one huge event that happened there. It changed everything. Battlefield has been under the guidance of the stars for ages.

When thinking about a song for the stage, there was a period of time spent thinking: "What kind of feeling does it portray?". I wrote down some instruments and emotions I felt were connected with the look of the stage and it's history, and pitched it to one of my favourite online musicians, Bosa. He was very well known with using all of these instruments, and he took the project in and started creating something wonderful.

This is "Memorial", I'm exited to be sharing it today.

"Memorial" - (0:46)


  Composition Supervisor: Callum Stamp
  Arrangement Supervisor: Bosa

• Copyrights for this song are held by the Super Nuke Bros. Melee team.
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