The world of Metroid is a pretty complex thing. It's a giant science-fiction universe with many different planets, creatures and space ships. Ever since the first Metroid on the Nintendo Entertainment System, the series has carried the same main melody, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Since we represent the Metroid franchise in Super Nuke Bros. Melee, and added stages for it too, we needed some music that felt right to the universe and belonged to the series. We approached Lashmush from Newgrounds to do the arrangement - The result is something upbeat and intense.

We haven't yet announced what stage this track will play in, but in time you will be able to find it on the Stages page. Everyone, please enjoy this little preview we've put together for you.

"Metroid: Main Theme" - (0:39)


  Composition Supervisor: Callum Stamp
  Arrangement Supervisor: Lashmush

• Copyrights for this song are held by the Super Nuke Bros. Melee team.
• Check your volume settings.