Everyone who has played Super Mario 64 can remember their first memories.
Jumping out of that pipe, heading toward the castle, jumping right through that first painting. Ah, I get the chills when I even think of it. It was a wonderful experience. One of the main roles in that experience was the music.

That game has many familiar tunes that are still used in Mario games today, and for our stage Peach's Castle Grounds, we went with an arrangement of the "Inside the Castle Walls" piece. Our main musician Edward also added a melody that's very recognizable to those who had completed that game.

Personally, I feel this arrangement fits the stage very well. It keeps the old feel, but it's better suited for a battle stage this way. Sit back and enjoy this beautiful arrangement by our own Edward Kay-Coles!

"Peach's Castle" - (0:43)


  Composition Supervisor: Koji Kondo
  Arrangement Supervisor: Edward Kay-Coles

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