Everything goes in Yoshi's own little world. Yoshi's Island is full of vast plains, jungles and even shoresides and mountain areas. Really, it's almost like a perfect resort. Yoshies have been living on this island for a very long time now, and ever since they found young Baby Mario, their days have become more adventurous each and every day. What a life!

Yoshi's enviroments are all gifted with memorable music, some that goes way back, and also some from the past few years. You'll be able to find peace in our music choice for this series in Super Nuke Bros. Melee, and today we're prepared to give you a listen to a theme arranged by "krssvr", a member of Newgrounds who insisted on helping us out with the music.

Close your eyes and think of a cool breeze..

"Yoshi's Island: Overworld" - (0:48)


  Composition Supervisor: Callum Stamp
  Arrangement Supervisor: krssvr

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